Claro MagX – the gift of better sight in your pocket

Once upon a time people over 40 who had started to hold the newspaper at arm’s length would invest in a proper pair of prescription reading glasses from a proper optician. The trouble was that they never had the specs when they needed them. Fast forward a few years and suddenly we have ready readers. Try and buy them. Thanks to Primark and similar shops the cost is as little as £2 and many of the over 40s have multiple pairs at work, in the sports bag and in the car.

The Daily Mail has pointed out that some of the lenses are of variable quality so it is very much a case of ‘Buyer Beware’. But what ready readers have highlighted is that people want an on-the-go solution that fits their life style.

claro_magx_in_useEnter Claro MagX that turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a powerful high definition visual magnifier. This is so clever – not only will it help you read the small print on the back of medicine bottles so you don’t end up taking an overdose but it will also let you have white text on a black background or different brightly coloured backgrounds. Claro MagX also has a wide range of magnification – up to 16 times the original size – so it will serve you a lot longer than your cheap ready readers.

Once you have downloaded this FREE app, you will find all sorts of practical uses for it. Diane rented a holiday flat in Florence and found Claro MagX on her iPhone was the ideal way to read the wireless key on the back of the router so she could connect to the internet. Simon whipped out his phone in the curry house so he could choose his starter and main course from the densely packed menu and Rhiannon saved herself a small fortune when she read the fine print on a Best Buy comparison chart.

Find out more on our Claro MagX page.

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