Claro ScanPen Premium iOS Released

Introducing Claro ScanPen Premium – a free-to-download iOS app which allows you to have 10 free scans. You can optionally sign up for the annual subscription to get a free 14 day trial. If you don’t cancel during the free trial, you will get charged the £9.99 annual subscription (correct as of October 2017). With an active subscription you have unlimited scans and unlimited access to all of our high-quality voices (currently Nuance Expressive, Acapela and children’s voices).

Claro ScanPen Premium joins our Claro ScanPen family alongside the standard Claro ScanPen version which is still available to purchase outright for £6.99 (correct as of October 2017).

Below is a comparison chart highlighting the differences between the two versions:

App Features

Free to download app

10 free scans (photo to text OCR conversions) before buying

Free 14 day trial (when signing up for annual subscription - cancel anytime)

Unlimited offline photo to text OCR conversions

Basic TTS voices to read back your text

Copy text to clipboard

Send photo to other apps

Drag and drop text in iOS 11

Multiple image mode

Image editing tools

Additional premium TTS voices in a range of languages

(Nuance, Acapela, children's voices)

Claro ScanPen


buy outright

($9.99 / €10,99)

Available as in-app purchases

(£1.99-£3.99 each)


Claro ScanPen Premium


per year

($9.99 / €10,99 / yr)


Download and use as many as you like!

When you first launch Claro ScanPen Premium, you will see the following launch screen, just select whether you’d like to have the 10 free scans or sign up for the 14 day free trial (with the option to cancel at any time).


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